Kirk Shuttleworth – Vocals & Guitar
Steven Norton – Bass
Marc Harris – Drums


An eclectic range of musical creativity delivered with a hard punch. Kirk & Steven originally created the premise back in February 2014; the new outfit has been together since August 2014. In a short space of time they have produced a catalogue of new material and played an array of stages.

We recently launched our debut EP at a sold out headline show at the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham. With plenty more gigs and festivals lined up it looks to be a very interesting year for Fires That Divide!


The West Midlands produces a hell of a lot of great music, we know that. It’s about time someone else had a go at making their mark on the Black Country. Fires That Divide, who have just completed a set at this years’ Fort Fest and are no strangers to sold-out venues, are about to release their latest EP ‘John Lee, Bullet and Love’.

First impressions from opener ‘Coherence’ will equal many a happy rock fan. It plods along comfortably with the solid fuzz of a rumbling guitar spine, overlapped by Alter Bridge style, quintessential rock melodies.

‘Mr. Philosophy’ is more upbeat and packs a punch, but keeps a gritty edge with screaming vocals and the relentless soldiering of drums. As seems their way, there’s always a hint of angst but these boys are grown up enough to turn that into passion and a raw quality.

Carrying the listener along the twists and turns of this mountainous journey to rock, ‘Vector Man’ brings back those tuneful harmonies; in the most testosterone-fuelled, masculine way of course, leading smoothly into a great storytelling finisher that’s ‘Mary Scotch’. Akin to how Black Stone Cherry like to sway listeners with tales from the South, this EP strives in a similar vein, letting us have a sneak peek inside the minds of this fiery foursome.

Already established is a step to come soon, but the phrase‘one to watch’, most definitely applies.
Alaina Henderson –

“When you enjoy doing something, it comes easily. For Midlands rockers Fires That Divide, that applies to making music.

On first listen to their self-titled debut EP it exudes a honed sound, technically and stylistically. There’s a backbone of heavy 90’s grunge with a gritty, moody vocal intent on fulfilling the rock agenda.

It’s short at only thee tracks long, but sweet enough to satisfy a rock craving with stand out track ‘Sexy Chocolate’. A novel song title, but there’s nothing throw-away about it. Chunky riffs enveloped in a tap-happy rhythm, but still focusing on that punk vibe.

The other tracks don’t stray too far from this either. ‘First Point Of Call’ has a kick of weighty drums supported by a relentless bass line, until the vocals come in and let the track show off it’s influences, not dissimilar to Soundgarden. Praise indeed.

‘No Hidden Scars’ has the ability to make your head bob. These boys seem able to keep it catchy while not betraying their first love of the heavier side of things. This one has screaming vocals and lyrics that make you want to take notice. A great mix of all the good stuff, and they pull it off.

It’s great when things come together nicely, and this EP does that. A well produced and strong debut that should lead to more of the same. It would be great to see more from Fires That Divide, but if this has whetted your appetite, you can catch them supporting Slam Cartel at the Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton on Saturday 23rd April.”Alaina Henderson –


“With a combination of a Led Zeppelin influenced rhythm section leaning towards an overall sound reminiscent of the harder end of early 90’s “grunge” (think Seether, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots…), it’s refreshing that the e.p. does not directly sound like any of the bands I’ve just mentioned. With all band members contributing to the song writing process, the individual influences have combined to create something pretty unique.”
Ryan’s Gig Guide

“First band for tonight were the local rockers Fires That Divide and personally for me, there is nothing I love more than seeing a band that is fresh in enthusiasm and positive in its approach – so straight up, these guys certainly get the thumbs up from me. Kirk Shuttleworth on lead vocals and guitar, makes for an impressive front man with a voice that cuts the rock ’n’ roll edge easily and with the most able of accompaniment from Steven Norton on guitar, Marc Harris on drums and Steve Knight on bass, Fires That Divide are the kind of band that you need to put on your radar.
The band have just finished recording their debut EP, which I believe will see light of day next month, so roll on March as that is definitely a new release I am looking forward to.”
Sue Wardle –

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